This photo was from Thursday (still catching up!), the day Ex-tropical cyclone Debbie came to Brisbane.  Schools across the whole of south east QLD were closed, my kids were sent home from daycare half an hour after they got there so they could close, and just as I got to work everyone was sent home.  It was the biggest weather event we’ve had since the 2011 floods.

We spent the day inside, watching the backyard fill up with water (there was so much rain it couldn’t drain fast enough), and going stir crazy watching TV!



I love the “family documentary” image.  A normal night in our house, kids having dinner in the kitchen, dog waiting for any food that happens to fall into his territory (the floor).  We do often eat together but on the days that we both work sometimes it just gets too late, so we feed them asap so we can get them to bed and then we have a little at-home date dinner together later.