Finally up to date with my 365 photos!  This one was taken at work today.. I love these paper cranes that are hanging from the ceiling all down our side of the office.  I’ve only just started working here again, but I believe that this department hand made all these paper cranes as Christmas decorations, and loved them so much they’ve just stayed 🙂



Today was a good day.. I have a small, expensive obsession with Ju-ju-be nappy bags (especially Tokidoki print!), and this new print was released on Wednesday called Super Toki.  I was ready on the dot of 6pm to score some new backpacks for me (BRB) and my boys (mini be’s), which always sell out in minutes.  They arrived today!

I *love* these bags, they are so well designed to use and the prints are just awesome.   They make me happy 😀

I was also hoping my background would be blank enough to try some fun photoshop tricks with it, but I don’t really know what I’m doing and I struggled with the white edges on the bag.  Some other time!!



I’ve been trying to get a bit more “crafty” at home with my toddler, but the mess he makes really rustles my jimmies!  Last time we tried to paint, he refused to use the palette (container lid) and wanted to dip the paintbrush in all the different paint pots, and I just couldn’t take it.  A friend told me her secret tip was to use an ice cube tray – SUCCESS!  He dipped in all the different colours, the paint pots remain the correct colours, and we both had fun 🙂